burning toes and feet

My problem is cold fingers and toes in the daytime. When I am in bed, my toes and feet burn so much they waken me up and I have to stick them out from the covers. I cannot wear socks in the day as it then becomes worse in the night.

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    burning toes and feet pads all the time. is gradually getting worse and now to the point of be unbearable. went topodiatrist and he said only cure was surgery. I am currently waitin for liver transplant surgery, so tthey would not even consider another surgeryat this time. I don’t want back surgery anyway. l-4 and l-5 disks are degenerating and getting worse as we speak. also have very bad arthritis in lower back. all caused by an injury when I was young and logging. they wanted to do surgery then but it was a gamble back then and I declined. am now 51. pain is unbearable now and please give me any advice. doctoir put me on gabapentin last week, no noticeable change. very low dose. she is going to rais dose but id on’t think that is the answer. thanks for listening.


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