Buttocks & Leg Pain

I fell over four weeks ago and am still having a lot of pain in my one buttock area when I walk. I can not walk without having this pain. I fell and sprained my left pelvis about four weeks ago and then after about two weeks the pain traveled to my right side. I had previously broken my right hip and have a pin in my leg. The pain was unbearable and still is at times. I was hardly able to walk and now it still bothers me and hurts really bad every time I take a step. I have been under the care of a chiropractor for many years and I also had him treat this latest problem. He told me after three treatments that I would get better on my own but why does it still hurt so bad. Should I contact my orthopedic doctor? Wwhen I was receiving the treatments they caused me extreme pain and especially after the last treatment. I could hardly stand the pain in my right buttock when he did his treatment. Please help me to understand if this is normal and will take time. Thank you,Gloria

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    I have been having a pain in my lower rightbuttocks for the last three days..At firstI thought it was some sort of urinary trackinfection but those tests came out clear. I will have another UT tomorrow.. The doctorchecked me out and couldn’t find anythingwrong.. He thought I might have injured myselfin a fall. I do exercise but..Ihaven’t fallen in quite awhile. The areaaround my left side of my right buttocksis what hurts. It seems rathersensitive to the touch..and sometimes it is uncomfortableto sit down straight on my rear.. Do youhave any clue what this might be?


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