calcium deposit with patellar tendonitis

Hello, I am big into fitness and basketball as well. I’ve had knee problems since I was about 20 and now im 22. I had it diagnosed as chronic patellar tendonitis with calcium deposit. I received therapy, and it didn’t do a whole lot. I received some kind of treatment with electrodes and some type of liquid to penetrate and try and break up the calcium deposit. Neither techniques really did much for me. This was over a year ago and it seems lately like its getting worse and I’ve laid of lifting with my legs, and all I do is play basketball. I wear a patellar tendon strap to keep my knee from swelling when I play, but as soon as I take it off it swells like crazy. I really want to get this removed but I know nothing about scoping and any of that. Someone please let me know what can be done. and around how much time off am I gonna be lookin at here.. some people have told me this should be a fairly simple procedure. thank you for any advice u can give me.

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    Hi, Ryan; I want to tell u what I’ve found out recently about myself. I have always had really bad leg cramps since childhood and now I can’t walk on my left foot due to something that a “foot surgeon” was giving me cortisone shots for. He told me that it was “a bunch of words I never understood”. Still do not know what it was. I have recently spoke with a friend that got me into natural healing because the shots are EXTREMELY PAINFUL in the top of my foot. I am taking Acid-A-Cal & drinking water (lots) with Black Cherry Juice. This breaks up the calcium deposits and helps the absorption. And, I went to a reflexologist and he actually massaged the spot on my foot with his hands oiled. (Yes, it was very uncomfortable – BUT IT WORKED!!!) I just want u to know – that I can actually walk normal again. Praise God. Hope you get fixed! Take care & God bless!!! Donna


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