Details on Laser Treatment

have been asked by a few people about the laser treatment ive recieved. Also people have been asking what it does and how it works.
Please read on if you would like some details on laser treatment. Please take in mind that some details ill give may be slightly incorrect, so feel free to correct me if im wrong.
The Physiotherapy Clinic is located in Ipswich. I won’t give any information on the person who does this treatment.
Laser Treatment;
The Laser and Pulsed Magnetic Field machines used in conjunction with each other are particularly beneficial in the case of broken bones. The combination encourages bone cells to form scar tissue and then new bone, in turn, swelling is reduced which helps circulation and blood flow to the area, which encourages nature to take over and gives the healing process a head start.
I went into the clinic in a sling, after 1 30-40mins session having the magnetic and laser machines, i then came out lifting my arms in the air. After 4 days having my accident my broken collar bone came into the clinic with no brusing and no movement what so ever.
I have some details on the clinics address vand tel/fax number. Anyone wish for that please e-mail me at


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