If you have a car accident in June and an MRI in August showing discal desiccation-is this enough time to suggest the discal desiccation was as a result of the accident?

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    As a general rule dessication occurs slowly. Basically your discs are full of water after 5 hours of sleep. Through the day when walking, sitting, or doing anything that puts an axial pressure on the discs or vertebral column water and nutrients get pushed out of the vertebra which can be brought back in with rest and proper stretching. Poor posture and to much stress on the vertebral column stops imbibition from occuring and the disc starts to dessicate. After years of improper structure and function the disc is just not capable of pulling the nurients back in. So basically I don’t think enough time has passed for it to be due to the accident. Though I am just a student and making educated guesses. For a more accurate knowledge I suggest you consult a DC or orthopedic surgeon for help.


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