Dislocated Sub Taylor

Two weeks ago, I was in a work related accident. My injury was a dislocated ankle bone that I thought my Orthopedic Doctor said was actualy the Sub Taylor bone. As I had never heard of this bone before, I don’t know if I am pronouncing it correctly and sure not sure of the spelling. Could you please give me some info on this kind of injury and the recovery sucess. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you Sincerly, Sam Smith

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    The talus is the bone that articulates the foot with the leg. Think of it as similar to the universal joint in the drive shaft of the car.Without knowing more specifics, I can only give you general information. The talus is very vulnerable when injured. There are several possibilities that could occur ranging from complete recovery to problems down the line. Your doctor should be able to give you more accurate information about your prognosis since he or she has the x-rays of your foot. Good luck. Vivian A, DPM


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