Dizziness and Cervical Spine

Hi, Basically I have been having dizziness for over a year! Dr’s have done scans of all major organs and done all the bloodwork and scans and nothing comes up.
Having spoken to a friend who is currently having treatments for Migraine she suggested perhaps the problem was in my cervical spine and to visit a Chiroptactor for advice? My posture is affected to due to large breasts and am wondering if this has, over time, produced a problem that is manifesting as the dizziness?
I have also had one epidural and 2 spinal blocks for Childbirth.
Hope someone can help.

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear Katie, I suggest you visit our web site @ .Dizziness is often related to loss of the normal neck curve.Fell free to contact us at any time toll free number 877-602-7248Kind regardsDr Anthony Gambale


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