Extremely cold calf/inability to walk/calf injury

I had pain in my calf while I was walking. I forced my leg. It has been 16 days. The pain was in my calf. There was a feeling of tightness. Pain and tightness in my calf have gone. But I still cannot walk. One doctor told me that it might be achilles tendon and the other said it is definitely not. I can point my toe. In addition to my inability to walk, the problem is that my calf is very cold as if it was kept in ice. My foot fingers are also very cold. It gets a little bit warm while sleeping. But as soon as I get up, it becomes extremely cold and never gets warm during the day. I was wondering the reason of this coldness. I will be happy if somebody could help me.

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    There are a few things to look at including a circulation problem.

    For an easy treatment to try at home, get a bucket of warm water to soak your foot/lowerleg in. Throw in a golfball and once your leg has warmed, start to roll your foot over the ball. You will need to use pressure and intially it will be uncomfortable. This process will stimulate the muscle by targetting the insertion points while the warm water will help with circulation.


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