finger numbness

I have been experiencing finger numbness (usually middle finger) and weird sore/tender upper arms frequently. It usually happens at night.
Sometimes it gets so bad I can’t find any comfortable position for my arms/hands that doesn’t hurt.
I recently ran across some info that suggested it could be related to neck issues.
I was born with my neck pushed against my shoulder, and my parents had to basically turn my neck to make it upright.
Is there a high chance these are related?
I can’t really afford to find out without more information first.

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear RachelMy name is Dr. Anthony Gambale and I am a chiropractic for more then 22 years. Your finger numbness is very likly due to a neck problem. You should seek help befour permanent damage is done to the nerves in your hand.Please visit me online for an beter understanding of the serious problems that you have.You can also call my office for a free consultation at 877-602-7248. Kind regards Dr Gambale


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