Foot injury

Last September I was running on a packed-earth trail and ran square on a pointed rock in the center front of my left foot. It hurt enough that I yelped like a dog and ended up limping for about 24-hours. I took a day off from running and the following day the foot felt fine. As the story of my life seemingly goes I’m running on the same trail, at the same spot and run on probably the same pointed rock. More pain and yelping. This time the limp lasted for a few days.

After that whenever I ran and got over three miles I get this pain/burning sensation, mostly in my middle toe but somewhat in the other two surrounding toes. It’s pretty painful.

If I stop running, remove my shoe and massage the toes the pain disappears and I can walk with no limp or any pain though I don’t try running after. There’s no apparent swelling.

So fast forward to the holidays, real bad weather and a concern that I was doing some damage by continuing to run and I took some time off. Weather got worse, the time off continued and I didn’t get back to running until end of May. Last week I attempted a 4-mile run and right after three miles I could feel the pain returning and by the end it was quite pronounced.

My guess is that it is nerve damage though I don’t know why it doesn’t hurt constantly and only after a certain period of stress (running) on the foot.

I haven’t taped my foot yet but I’m going to give this a whirl tomorrow and try another 4-mile jaunt. It’s frustrating because I was targeting a half marathon for October but if I can’t do more than 3 miles without pain it won’t happen.

If anyone has any ideas regarding the injury I’d appreciate hearing from you.


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    Sounds like you may have hit it on the nose. Nerve injuries are common and manifest to the toes. These are commonly called neuromas. You can learn more from our website



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