Foot problem

Dear Dr.A,

I wrote to you in the past,about my foot and recently I had a M.R.
I. of my foot and it showed that I have a rather large Osteochondral Defect,and also showed that I have foot drop,and Flexion Contracture, I notice on your forum,from the other messages from people I was waiting to see what your answers were but you didn’t answer the questions I was waiting to see what you had to say,you skipped over them,thats why I’m writing to you to see if you would please answer my questions for me.Doctor could you please tell me if these symptoms I mentioned above are cause from nerve damage or what can actually cause these symptoms I have.Please help me!!!

Thank you,

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Did you send me a photograph of your foot and leg a while back and have your sister write to me?As to why I do not answer every question- I have already discussed this recently, but here it is anyway:1. I have a practice and a family2. I do this when I have a few spare minutes, usually late in the evening3. I receive no compensation for doing any of this and by the way, the ads are from the guy who hosts the site.4. Most people post a bit of information thinking that is all anyone needs to make a diagnosis. It simply is not that easy folks! There is a great deal of thought and observation that goes into making a diagnosis and recommending a treatment plan. 5. I don’t know the answer to everything


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