Ingrow toenail

Dear DrHi I am writing to you about my toe. I have ingrow toenail. I have no idea how to treat it. All I know is that I can cut it off but it still grow back. What I want to do is to treat it and the ingrow toenail stop grow back again. How are you doing to help me with my ingrow toenail? Please don’t me that I have to go to operation.Can you give me some idea what to do with my ingrow toenail. Can you just email me back and tell me what to do. I do anything but go to operation or anything that is painful.
I hope that I will get an answer back from you.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Your featr of having ingrown toenail surgery are unfounded. I do several of these on almost a daily basis and the ages range from small children to senior citizens. It is one of the most gratifying surgeries to do, as the patient is out of pain immediately and the post operative recovery is not a big deal. I can not recommend anything for you to do on your own since most podiatrists use a chemical to kill the root of the nail which you can not buy.


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