forearm tendonitits?

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I’m 35. Saturday I worked with friends to stock a woodpile. It was very cold. I carried heavy logs with both hands and one-handed some heavy split pieces. the following Sunday morning I felt like my right forearm had a bruised spot, but no visible bruise. Hurts more if I stretch out my fingers and flatten my palm, or pinch my finger tips and thumb together. Day three the pain seems worse and there is a swelling between my wrist and elbow, but closer to my wrist. What now??

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    Icing would help, but you should really go see a doctor.


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    I’m 14. I wake up in the morning’s and I am just sore in either my leg or my arms. I went to the doctor when my arm starting hurting because it was extremely excrutiating. When I went to the physician at the emergency room, he told me that I had tendonitis. Now, today I woke up from school, like many days now, and my legs were killing me. I would just like to ask if this can be somethng more than tendonitis and ways that I can get this pain to cease. I am thinking this may be from sleeping in the wrong way. I also would wake up in the morning I while ago and would have pains in the lower vagina regions on the side between my legs. Now the question is is this more than tendonitis or what. Please contact me at [email protected]. Also one more thing is I take Ibuprofen which is what the doctor prescribed and pain pills when these pains start is there something else I could maybe use because as you see I am only 14 and am having these pains. Thank you, Sincerely, Ashley


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