Haglunds Deformity

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Yesterday I was diagnosed with this problem.
I have a question about the Silopad Achilles Heel Pad.
It says it is hand washable and reusable – but don’t you have to replace the gel pad which releases mineral oil?
Is the gel pad sold separately and how many do you order if you order one Silopad Achilles Heel Pad?
Thank you.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    ***Disclaimer I use the Silipods Achilles tendon pads frequently. They do take up some room in shoes, so it does not work for all patients in all their shoes. The silicone is integrated in the fabric. It does not come apart (at least intentionally!) They seem to be reasonably durable. Since I have them in the office, if a patient wants another they just come by and purchase one.


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    For the past two years, I have had severe pain in my left achilles. Xrays showed bone spurs under the achilles, and I think the doctor also said I had Haglunds. The first two doctor visits, the podiatrist sent me away and said there was nothing he could do for me. (This would be an Army doctor). I have sought treatment in the civilian field, and have tried all of the following, with no success: orthotics, medrol and feldene (medrol worked, but only as long as I was on the medication), and I’ve had one injection. The relief from the injection lasted two days. Since I’m in the army, I run a lot, and this is extremely difficult due to the pain. If I do a sprint workout, I will hardly be able to walk for two days afterward. An army doctor has now taken an interest and is willing to perform surgery. I am wondering how this will effect my army career. Will I ever recover to the point where I can run again? Exactly how long of a recovery time is there? We haven’t mapped out everything yet (I have an appointment next week), but I’ve been told my achilles will be totally detached. I’m to the point where I’m willing to sacrifice my mobility due to the pain (it is constant, even if lying in bed), but would prefer not to have my achilles detached. Any input? Thanks.Johnny Matherne, Jr., male, 32 yrs old


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