Herniated Disc

Please note email address: [email protected]’ve been diagnosed with a herniated disc at L5/S1 that according to the diagnosis is protruding to the left.
I’ve been through physical therapy, oral steroid prescriptions, etc.
I have occasional attacks of low back pain, and now I’m having sharp pains with movement in my left buttock and down my left leg.
I went to the pain clinic at the local hospital and was told that nerves were being pinched which was causing the pain.
The pain clinic wants to schedule me for epedural steroid injections, but I’ve become concerned that all this will do is help with the pain on a temporary basis, and there’s not even a great likelyhood that the injections will help.
I’m looking for any other options that I might have as far as treatment for the disc and the resulting pain.
Thank you.

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    The injections are just a bandaid fix. Put a rubber band on your finger and then take some pain medication. Yes, this will help the pain but when the medication wears off, you still have a rubber band on your finger. You have a pinched nerve, the injection will help with the pain and will help with the inflammation. The thing is, you still have a disc pinching the nerve, so the pain and inflammation will return. Physical therapy does nothing for disc herniation. You need to see a chiropractor to have that disc put back where it belongs. Look for one that uses a technique called flexion-distraction. It is a chiropractic technique that involves a specific type of traction. Your case is routine in our offices and patients do really well with the treatment. Look into the risks of these injections, we had a mayor who had the same thing you have, he had an injection and developed a staph infection from it. He died!


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