hyper extended knee

My 13 year son has hyper extended his knee in a football game.
His trainer will not be in until Monday.
What treatments/rehab should I adminster?

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    I would suggest that you apply an ice pack for 20 minutes, four times daily. Support the cold pack in place with an elastic bandage, and have your son elevate the knee by lying down, with his leg upon a couple of pillows. Do not let him take a hot bath, or otherwise use any heat on his knee. Is his “trainer” licensed by your state? If not, have a doctor examine your son’s knee. There are lots of people who are calling themselves “trainers’, but who are not state licensed, and/or Nationally Board Certified. Without a license or certification, a person does not have any assurance that a person is a qualified professional, so find out about the credentials of your son’s “trainer” ahead of time. Let us know how your son does.


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