I woke up with bruising and swelling on the top of my foot without having injured my foot. See message please.

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Yesterday, I noticed a deep ache on the top of my left foot and it was very tender to palpation.
When I woke up this morning, the entire top of my foot (from about 1″ down from the toes to the top of my ankle) is bruised and swollen.
I have had no injury/trauma to my foot that I can think of. I have a clicking sound when I evert my ankle but that’s nothing unusual I’ve had that for a while.
The bruising is more laterally than medially as is the swelling.
When I put my hand on top of my foot, I feel a “grinding” sensation of the tendons (this is new, started today) when I flex my toes and somewhat when I extend them.
It’s painful so I have tried to limit this motion as much as possible today. I don’t have the strongest ankles around and have had some serious sprains in the past to this ankle.
I’m just curious what you think as I can’t remember injuring this ankle in the last few days.
My ankle has been known to “give out” on me but I know it’s been a while since this has happened.
Could this be a tendon injury??
If it continues to be so painful, I’m sure I’ll go see a podiatrist in the next week or two but wanted to get your opinion. Thanks so much.


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    Your description of your problem is much more detailed than most who post, unfortunately there are many other questions that need to be answered. You really will be better off getting an examination.A tendon injury is one possibility and until you know more, you should limit your activity and guard your weightbearing. possibly use crutches. Good luck


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      : Good luck


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