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Hi, my name is Jennifer. I’m an incoming freshman at my local community college. I have been interested in Physical Therapy for quite a few years now and will be majoring in it at college. I work at Shriners Hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana. I’ve had the opportunity to observe the physical therapists at my work. I have a few questions about this topic. 1. When starting out as a physical therapist, how much is the pay?2. Is the job physically and emotionally demanding?3. What consists of the job besides just setting up exercises for the patients?4. In your experience, has family members ever been aggresive towards you in the concern of their child?5. What are the general hours of a Physical Therapist? I would appreciate your answers. Thank you, Jennifer

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    1. The starting pay is generally $28.00 per hour… It can vary state to state.2. It depends on what type of setting you are in. Out patient is not as physically demanding as say an LTACH (long term acute care hospital) is. I feel that the increased acuity (or illness) of patients increases the emotional demand….but can also have the highest rewards.3. I am a director of an LTACH rehab dept. and I also do all the ordering, assist with discharge of patients, talk to families in regards to their loved ones, discuss cases with docs and even wipe sensoreds when the need arises. 4. I can’t respond to this question as I have never worked with kids.5. My general work day is about 8 hours, give or take an hour on either light or busy days. It’s a pretty nice schedule. I am never on call, but I’m sure there are some PT’s out there that are. I hope this helps and good luck!!


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