Severed tendon in heel

Hi all Just a quick question. 5-6 weeks ago I severed a tendon in the heel of my foot. I stood on broken glass and had to go for an operation lasting 90 mins to remove 20 pieces of glass from my foot. I was in a cast and put on antibiotics for 1-2 weeks. I returned to the hospital where the doctor told me that I was to come back in 4 weeks time (this Friday) but I was to continue using my crutches! 🙁 Well………….after a week or so I found that I could walk without the aid of my crutches so I did! I started driving again too! I am really concerned that I am doing my foot more damage? although it is not sore in the slightest? just the odd twinge. I am due to start a new job in 3 weeks and im REALLY relying on the doc giving me the all clear on Friday, has anyone else been through this? If so how long does the tendon take to fully heal? The doctor is being very ignorent with the questions I ask. I just hope to god he doesn’t say I can’t start my new job which is heavy graft on the railway. Any answers to my questions would be much appreciated. cheers

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    Well that’s me! Just back from the hospital and i’ve made a full recovery. I can now start my new job in two weeks! CheersPaul


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