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4th toe…still swollen – 3 months later


in April I was running through the house and ran into and kicked the door frame causing my 4th toe to point order to put it into a shoe to go to the dr…
I moved it back into place and off I went.So – the dr. splinted it – showed me how to do it and told me that it shouldn’t hurt anymore..but it did.
I splinted it for a week – but it hurt more to than not to splint it so I stopped.
It’s now July and I still can’t wear anything but sport sandles because it’s still puffy and gets swollen/blue when I walk for longer than 5 minutes on it.
I also can’t flex that toe at all…it just hangs there plus the end of the toe wiggles like a loose tooth ready to fall out… I’m on a waitlist to see an orthopedic Dr…. could be months (socialized medicine.)Any advice on what to do until then?
Thanx, Chris..

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