Jones Fracture-base 5th metatarsal

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I leaped out of my house, late for an appointment Saturday and broke my foot.
(I heard it snap.) I have no insurance so I went to the local clinic.
They x-rayed and found a “transversely orientated fracture extending across the base of the 5th metatasal.” I was in the clinic for 2 hrs (they never even gave me an icepak) and finally saw an RN.
She told me to keep it on ice and gave me a stiff soled shoe, some advil, and explained that someone would call me Mon or Tue.
(The bone just barely broke through the skin so she gave me a tetnus shot.) I finally got to speak with the orthopedic surgeon that Monday because my pain was increasing and I really wanted to get a cast on it so I could get on with my life.
The Dr told me it was a Jones Fracture and he did not want to put a cast on it at all.
I was told to walk on it (!!???!!!) and stop only when it hurts.
Today it is feeling a little better and I feel like I can put some weight on the foot if I concentrate on walking on my heel.
Does this all sound right or am I getting second-citizen staus due to my temp lack of insurance coverage?
By walking on this foot am I liable to have more serve problems down the road?
I am a very active person, but everything I have read on the internet related to this fracture says I should have been put into a cast.
Is it too late (6 days later) the swelling has really gone down now, but the spot it broke at (with the two spots it broke through the skin) still sticks out from my foot a little.
Is this worth the expense of a second opinion?
He said come back in 3 weeks to see if I need a pin in my foot. (Holy-moly a pin…
I don’t want THAT.)


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    It is difficult for me to give you exact advice without an examination. A Jones fracture unfortunately has a high rate of failure to heal. I certainly would get another opinion and soon. I would request copies of the original x-rays. Until you have more information, I suggest you remain non-weightbearing on crutches. Good luck.


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    ME TOO!! Also, no insurance, given a stiff shoe to wear for the weekend. It was 5 days before a foot doctor could see me and he gave me a choice of a permanent cast or a removable one. I opted for the removable space boot. He told me to ride a stationary bike to increase blood circulation. From what I’ve read, it might not even heal (?!!) and surgery will have to be the answer…(no insurance?!!) I have to go back in 3 weeks to make another deposit in this doc’s bank account…How is your foot now?


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