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Arthroses: Suggestion sought Urgently!


Hello!I am writing this message/question from Europe.I am 28 years old man. Recently, my orthopedic doctor has diagnosed me suffering from Arthrosis or Chondropathic Patallae in my right knee. The doctor informed me that an injection known as ZEEL (a homeopathic medicine) might be helpfull in this case. The dose should be administered during the period of 5 weeks. I am quite skeptic about having this drung directly into my knee. So far my doctor was treating my other orthopaedic problems mostly through physiotherapy and now directly he is insisting on an injection. I am not suspecting his efficiency. But at this young age if a haeavy drug dose is administered then at a later stage with the severity of this disease what other remedy would remain. My doctor did not recommended any oral medicines for these disease and just this. On having an informatoin from my insurance company, I came to know the drug prescribed by the doctor is not approved by the European Medical council so far and thus its a private drug from doctor. And its completely upto me to have it or not and that they would not bear responsibility for any consequences due to it. Can anybody suggest me, if this drug is really safe to have? As I do not want to suffer with the side effect for rest of my life. Also, are there any other alternatives to this injections? How good are the knee straps or bandages in getting relieved from pain? I always have mild pain at the right knee. I regularly do exercise and doctor has told me that cycling, rowing and abdominal bending exercises are safe. Only to avoid any knee stressing exercise. Are there any exercise that can aid to relief. If there is some good book please do give the reference (english) on how to live with Knee-Arthrosis? And any other information that is relevant and required to know more and live with this diesease. Does the ultimate cure is leg amputation in this disease?I am waiting for your advice and help.With Sincere and thankfull regardsAkash


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