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Broken ankle July 17,2006


I am in need of some advice.
I broke my ankle in July.
I did not need surgery the bones did not move.
The doctor put me in an air cast.
This is my 8th week and the doctor now says I can put my full weight on my ankle, but I still need to wear my air cast.
I am having problems trying to walk again without the use of crutches or my walker.
I think most of it is a mental thing and also the air cast makes me feel very unbalanced. Any ideas how to get myself walking again without the use of crutches or walker? Thanks Amy

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  1. Hi Amy,I just went through this myself. The main thing is after being on crutches for so long your leg muscles are pretty much worthless! I had to slowly parctice getting back on my feet. First, I would just stand up for a while, then after a few days of that, I tried to walk a few steps…gradually and SLOWLY things improved. The biggest thing for me was working on flexing my ankle/calf when I could walk again. Also, my doctor recommended using a recumbant exercise bike to help build the muscles back up. I used minimal resistance and it definately helped. Good Luck!