Broken and a dislocated wrist

Hello,on 06/20 I broke and dislocated my wrist. Also broke my little finger. I had surgery to locate my wrist back the same day. After surgery I had a cast placed on my hand. I think something is wrong with my doctor,because the first time my cast was placed it was waaaay to tight. After it was loosened up,my wrist bone shifted and my arm was re casted again,only this time with my fingers pointing in the air (i assume to hold the wrist bone in place) but at the moment,my skin on that arm turned bright yellow (i’m Caucasian) is all of this ordinary? Or should I find another doctor?

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    Dear Sir.Madam,On the 8th of May 2018 I had an accident at work,tripped over a displaced matt lost my balance & fell on my right hand,my first othopedic surgeon did not pick up the dilocation on my wrist, he attributed to some kind of inflammation & just gave me antiinflmmatory tablets,after for months my wrist still in pain and swelling up I had a second opinion the sent for a cat-scan & found that I have a dislocated wrist aggraveted by the fact the the first doctordid not treat it as such for 4 months.On the 26th of Sepember 2018 they will operate on my wrist to try a salvage the damage they are Hand Clinic Specialist. Do you think that my wrist will ever came back to what it was prior to the accident After the mal practice of the first Orthpedic Doctor?


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