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Broken feet


I fractured my first metatarsle a month or so ago and i have a cast up to my thigh. A week ago, I broke my knee-cap in my other leg. I am now in a wheel chair but the doctor says he does not want to cast my other leg while I still have this cast on. What do you think I should do? Because my knee cap is not heeling and it hurts alot. Do you think I should get a cast put on my other knee?


  1. You have a cast up to your thigh for a metatasal fracutre? This does not seem right, unless you fractured something else on the same leg higher up? I would get another opinion from an orthopedist or knee spesensoredt to determine if casting is required on the contralateral limb after a patellar fracture.Good LuckAl Kline DPMwww.podassociates.proboards25/PODIATRY ASSOCIATES FORUMpodassociatesPODIATRY ASSOCIATES