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Broken foot rehab


I broke my foot about 6 weeks ago. The middle metatarsel. I was in a boot and just got it off. I was just wondering what kind of home excercises I can do to strengthen my foot and calf. I would like to play in a flag football tournament in about a month so I’m trying to heal ASAP. Please give me some suggestions and advice. Do you think I will be able to play that soon? Thanks, Andrew

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  1. Both my legs will be broken, when they find me, for stealing 10,000 in Orlando and running to hise in San Antonio Thanks Judy Seppen

  2. My fourth metatarsal was broken in two places after a severe stubbing. My surgery removed chips and ground bone. I have had significant pain,stiffness, and edema for six months post op. My dr. treated me with cortisone, special tape, and drained the soft edema. It is simply not improving- what physical therapy/exercises can I do-back pain is now a severe problem also. My physical gait is altered, I also had broken toes on the other foot previously.

  3. My 5th metatarsal was boken on June 28th as a result of an ongoing stress fracture finally giving in. Surgury and pin were inserted on July 10th. I have not yet been released for work yet, but can put weight on foot. Need to understand best rehab exercises that can be used. Can you help or direct ?