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I broke my three middle medacarpols in my foot about two months ago.
I was on crutches for a while, and I have been wearing a protective boot ever since.
However, my x-rays show little if not no improvement in the last month, as if the healing process has stopped and my bones are permanitely out of place.
It is painful, what should I do?
Is there some sort of physical therapy I can do at home? Thank you.

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    Nicky,Are you being treated by an Orthopedist? If not, you need to see one immediately. If so, you might want to seek a second opinion, just to make sure everything that can be done, is being done. If the bones are not kept in place (usually by a cast, rather than a walking boot) for this kind of injury, they will not heal, and surgery (pins) will be required to secure the fractures. Physical therapy is not the main thing right now, as you don’t want excessive movement with a potential unstable fracture. Get a second opinion with an Orthopedist ASAP and let us know what he tells you. Good luck.


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