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I am having a cheilectomy in 4 weeks and was wondering whether anyone has any tips for the post op pain and recovery.
My doctor wants to leave the stitches in for 2 weeks, and I was worried about them getting embedded in the skin.
Any comments would be appreciated. Gail

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  1. I just had my 2nd cheilectomy on both feet. The first time was 1 1/2 years ago on one foot at a time. Last week I had both feet done at the same time. I work as an accountant and take approximately 3 days off work. The pain after the surgery is very intense however I can manage it with Percocet. Keep your feet up as much as possible and move the big toe up and down as much as you can tolerate. Good luck!

  2. Thank you Terri G. for your great post cheilectomy tips. I am planning to elevate the foot for the first week, as much as possible and cancelled all plans. How is your recuperation going? Gail G.

  3. I had one with an osteotomy almost 12 weeks ago. Most important is for the first few days (I did 5) keep your foot above heart level, ice it and take pain medication as prescribed, on schedule, regardless if you have pain or not. I did that and had no pain. The only discomfort I had post surgery was from the swelling once I started walking in the post op shoe. Ice and elevation are the keys. Feel free to aks any questions!