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get rid of scars


I have scars all over my legs. Can you please give me tips on getting rid of it?

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  1. I have 2 UGLY dark marks on my legs from hitting them on the monkey bars at school last year… can i get rid of them with household items?

  2. i had my belly sensoredon pierced but i took it out as it was infected and its left a scar. how can i get rid of it???

  3. i have suffered acne for 3 years and it keeps getting better or worse.but hey have left little scars on my cheeks of my face how do i get rid of them and which treatment is best?

    • Hello, i have a very crooked and unattractive emergency c-section scar that’s vertically about 4 inches long from my belly sensoredon. Is surgery my only option to remove it or are ther any other ways to permanently rid myself of what I call a monstrosity?


  5. i have alot of scars on my legs and knees. i would like to know how to get rid of them using home remedies that aren’t too expensive.

  6. since i can remember i have always picked my spots n now they have got that bad they all on my arms back and face, most of them have turned into scaps or scars now if there anythin to get rid of these ?

  7. I made a bad decision, and i carved a letter in my leg. There is now a scar, and it really isn’t that noticeable, but i know it is there, and i am self do i get rid of it, or make it less noticeable? please help!

  8. Hi am have scars on my face from spots i am only 14 so my skin is still young can you please suggest something for me that wont damaged my skin Thank You

  9. I have scars on my knees and i was wondering if you could give me any tips in minimising its appearence…with creams…etc thanks

  10. i have a scar on my face and i think my face looks really nasty without make-up so what do you think i could use to get rid of it?

  11. : i have scars all over my legs, my friends say but vitamin e on them, but that hasn’t done anything. when i get cold, my legs turn purple and look really nasty. how do i get rid of them?And my arms and hands,sometimes not even when its cold,just weird purple and white blotches under my skin show up,what do I do?

  12. Hello,hi i tried to wax my face at home. But i heated it up to hot and i applied it to my upper lip and it started to burn and by the next morning it started to turn red. School was not even good that day IMBARESSING so i told everyone that it was a wind burn. That was about a little over a month ago and i have been treating it with ALOE EXTRA BURN RELIEF. The Aloe ointment made my last burn go away so i thought “Maybe it will take away this one” but it’s been a month and nothing happened yet, it’s black and on my upper lip. What should i do?Also i recently applied a nair product on my lip and it is showing the same red symptoms as before so this time i will treat it propperly but i just don’t want another burn on my lip. And this one seems to be bigger than the other ones so what should i do or get?

  13. i neeed help with getting rid of the scars on my face.i dont no what to do they arent really scars there really dark spots form me busting bumps on my face. ccan you please help me to find a soultion using something i already have at home. like cocoa sensoreder etc.

  14. i used to pop my zits all the time and now i have noticable scars. and i used neosporin to close them up but they wont dissappear. what do i do?

  15. If vitamin E isn’t working then try plamer’s cocoa b u t t e r formula. That should do the trick. I hade strech marks in bewtween my thighs and I applied it there and they were gone. But you have to keep apply it you can’t stop. For my skin it took a month for it to go away I don’t know about yours. Hoep that will work for you.

  16. I have scars all over my body. I’ve tried large percentage of scar removers but they don’t work. Right now im using Epiquin. I’m looking for something that can remove any type of scar either old or new in a short period of time. Also when i get hurt it doesn’t matter if i touch the wound or not it’ll still leave a scar. So is there a scar remover product that when it removes it also helps the body to recover on its own.

  17. : I have an iron burn on my left arm. It is now nine years old. How can I get rid of it, or make it less noticeable.

  18. I dont knwo hwo to get rid of brun scars but resently i burned my face with hot water, there is three spots on my face which are red burned skin, i seriously want it to go away, ive ben told to wait a month

  19. i have scars all over my legs, my friends say but vitamin e on them, but that hasn’t done anything. when i get cold, my legs turn purple and look really nasty. how do i get rid of them?

  20. yes, i know im 14 and picked at my stratches and they left scars. it is embaressing. i cant wear skirts or shorts with out them showing! i hate it can anyone help?!?!?!

  21. I’ve got the same problem as you, only little scars, on my arms and legs. I used to pick at them all the time when I was little, even when my mom told me I’d get scars. Only now I wish I listened. My scars arnt that noticeble, but they still bother me, because I know they’re there. My mom sugguested to me to use neosporan, and I’m hoping that works by the time school starts. YOu could try surgury to get rid of your scars. That’s what I want to do, except I dont have the money.

  22. try putting neosporin on it every worked on my scars..they don;t “disappear” but theybegin to fade and that;s a start right?

  23. i was cooking and hot oil splashed on my i have 6 circular scars about 5 cm’s diagonally downwards to the right below my belly button, 2 a bit smaller than a 5 cent coin and the others smaller…i am really self concious now and i never used to be about my body, i always used to show my tummy now im scared…i get depressed about it. please help

    • I would suggest using Proactiv Sam. It really does help. It’s summer and on my leg I have 3 cuts that aren’t going away. I’m into the whole punk scene so I usually get hurt at shows. I have a nice body, but it’s just my left leg that has cuts on it. My new friends have such perfect bodies and I have no idea how to get rid of them.

  24. : I used to do that too but now I just wash my face twice a day. I recommend just leaving the scars alone and sleeping well. I also took fish pills which helped me look better. My scars just go away in time. If you look really closely they’re still there but if u just look u won’t notice the difference. Or you could buy some ProActiv, my cousin used to have scars and they “disappeared” when she used ProActiv. Good luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I have pimples that i pick and or pop. Now I have scars on my unibrow area and 8 circular scars around my mouth. I hate it. And i heard there is little i can do about haveing them disappear. Please tell me what to do.

  26. I have scars, too. ๐Ÿ™ I made them myself on my legs. I regret it now, of course. I bought some Aloe Vera gel; I heard that helps. I’ll post again if it works for me, and maybe you all can try it too.