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hyperextended elbow


my dad i think has hyperextended his elbow at work. It has been hurting him for a month, he can move his arm, but at some points it hurts him. It has gotten to the point he cant lift anything. The pain is on his bone, and goes up all the way to his upper arm, he says that it is not in a muscle. He lost a lot of arm strength, its not swollen or red, and we thought it might be jammed so we tryed pulling on it to see if it would pop but it didnt. He refuses to see a doctor, we need help because, he cant not use it because he goes to work everyday and uses it, is there any way u can give us more information, or any help with it, like home excersizes, or do you have any answers that would be great, we just really need some help. We just got a sling for him but he can only use it when he comes home because he cant use it at work. do u think if he stayes off of it for a few days it might get better? well if you could please email us back, thank you!!!

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  1. My elbo has been like this for 24hrs now. Last night I was getting out of my car and my friend jumped out of the back seat. My friend says I hyperexteded my elbo. I cant turn door knobs or shift my car. I can move it, but to a point. Then I will sharp pains through my arm about every five minutes. Please let me know what I should do! I took a pain pill, but it didn’t work. Thanks Kate

    • i got kneed in my right elbow area and i can only extend it to a certain point i have putting icy hot on it what else would be good for it ?

  2. I have been experiencing elbow pain for the past 11 days. It started when I was cleaning out my car…moving small bags and boxes…nothing heavy, but I must have twisted or turned awkwardly. My elbow feels as if it’s hyperextended. I cannot straighten in fully. The pain is on the inside of the elbow and there appears to be slight bump there that I do not see on my good arm. When I am not using my arm, there is zero pain.Also, this condition seems to last about 2 days…then my arm feels about 95% good for 2 days..then it’s back to 2 days with pain, etc. I don’t need pain pills. What can I do???