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i want to become shorter


Hi, I’m 22 years old, female, 5 feet 11 inches tall. I’m very uncomfortable with my height and I have been through some personal trauma because of this. I want to know if there is any way to decrease my height, even by a couple of inches. I’m very desperate. Please help me. Thank you very much.

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  1. I think im like 5’3 5’4 an im 14 i think im really tall ive read others buh dont think it was benificial at all. Someone help me

  2. You people are sensoreding idiots, I WANT to become shorter and all of your answers are useless. Stop trying to make people sensoreding feel better and either leave some useful techniques or shut the sensored up. Nobody is here for your free internet therapy. I need answers not pity! FUCK

  3. Im close to 5’6″ 5’7″ and i wish i was shorter like anywhere between 5’3″ to 5’4″ or 5’5″. Im 21 female and im probably done growing but I wish I was shorter? is there any way possible at all?

  4. yeah i know i’m 5 feet 7 and i looove heels but i just don’t wanna wear it cause it would make me waaaay too tall. 5 feet 7 isn’t that tall, but it is way too tall for me so i’m kinda “desperate” to get shorter in height. my dream height is 5 feet and 5 inches.

  5. I can’t believe that any guy would want to become shorter! I come from Denmark and over here every guy wants to become taller, unless he is 190 cm already! I am 179 cm which is about 5,11 and I would like to loose max 3 inches. 4,5 is just tiny! In Denmark the average height is 168 cm for a girl and 185 cm for a guy! And instead of all us tall people trying to increase our height, we should stick together and be proud of our height – wear high heels and when we talk to the small people we should mention how short they are! Because being tall we also all experience that one of the first things people mention when they meet us is “your really tall” – like we haven’t noticed! Besides that – remember how much power and respect you can gain from your height! And get sensoredy in other ways, like exercising and eating healthy – believe me that is much sensoredy than being a little chump with short legs! And you stay sensoredy for more than just your young ages.

  6. My girlfrieng has the same problem too.She’s near the 5’9″.Three month ago she started to drink strong tea and coffe.Some people say that it reaaly works. Now she’s 5’8″ but she wants to become 5’7″ or shorter. I don’t know how to help her

  7. OMG get over being tall I’m a girl and i’m 5’11. I wear high heels every weekend, some people are rude but who cares its not like they’re perfect!!! as for those people who are 5’3. etc and talking about leg shortening thats the craziest things I have ever heard!!!Be confident!!!

  8. You can become shorter but you will need to make shorter also your arms to looks proportional or you would looks like a manky .. but well I had a problem when I was about your age, I am 6’1 and today I am proud of my high, it make me more special.. sometimes it is pain when pple ask you about things but you get used to that so don’t worry , tall girls are always IN and many shorter guys love it ๐Ÿ™‚ my b-friend is 6’8 so we make a great couple .. you can imagine the faces on the street .. but that’s what make us unique

  9. sorry , i don’t think there’s an answer for losing heightbut good luck for finding better answer ,i’m male 17 years old .. already had a height of 183cmmany girls dislikes my height , all rejects are my height problemthey would say ” you’re too tall for me “

    • i know how you feel .. i wish there was an answer to become shorter.i’m just 14 and im the tallest girl in my class, im _very tall and i hate it, all my friends are like “normal height”.. no, i hate to say “normal height”, there are no normal. we are all normal, just a little bit different. i adore tall guys, but im not sure am i ever gonna find anyone.. it would be more helpful if there were tall people around me. i hate it when my friends make fun of my height, i know they’re just joking but it feels bad. you know, when you are so uncomfortable with something it doesnt really help that someone is there saying “hey hows the weather up there?”.but hey you people ! have you noticed that you’re not alone, you’re not like the only tall person in the world ! like everyone here is tall, we have the same problem ! we just have to be proud, even though its hard. i used to cry ’cause i was so tall, i hated it so much and i still do, but hey, that’s just us !be happy and be proud !

  10. Hi im a guy 23 and when i was 18 i also had the same issue with my height. I did some heavy squat to shorten my legs and now i have ended up with a degenerative disease in my left leg. Trust me it is not worth it.

  11. i am looking too tall…i am 14 yrs old but i look too tall …i want to reduce my height…is there any real way to reduce height…!!

  12. I am 17 yrs. old and im just too tall.All the guys that show any intrest im me are atleast 2 inches shorter.I went to prom and was the tallest one there and I didnt even wear heels.Please Help.

  13. i’m 16 an im 5’11 i hate being this tall, im even taller than my boyfriend an im dyiiing to wear heels and feel confident and not like freak!Pleeeease if anyone has a solution!

    • hey girl i know how u feel. im 17 and 6feet i ihces. for a girl i feel so embarrased so pls be proud of who u r cus i wish i was under 6 foot.. walk like a model and whenever u feel insecure about your height just google people like tyra banks , oluchi,Alek and other top models who r about your height.. take care sensoredx

  14. Hello everyonePlease anybody help me… I am female and my heigh is 1.83 cm. I feel very unconfortable and I would love to be shorter even for some centimetres. Is there any possible ways of getting shorter from 2 to 5 cm? Maybe special food or drinks can help, medicine or surgery? Do anyone have any advices?If people can get taller so why we can not become shorter? Maybe scientis are going to find some new methods. Thanks to everyone

  15. i also wanted some advice. i want to be atleast 5’0″ even….is there anything i can do without surgery?but if i have to i’ll take the surgery. but for now….does anyone know of any kind of pill or something. please e-mail me: thank you. im desperate.

  16. Me too….im 18 years old and im 5’6″ i dont like it. i wish i was shorter. i want to be able to wear heels, but im afraid because it would make me more taller. makes me depressed.

  17. i want to become shorter because every day in school i see girls who are way shorter than me but are so much prettier and you know i wanna be just like them because all my friends are short and yeah im the only one who is the real outcast. for once in my life i want to be short!

  18. i am only 12 and im 5’9!!!!! i hate it people call me a HUGE GIANT!!!!! i hate it!!! all the short girls are sooooooooooo lucky!!!

    • I heard about a military pilot who experienced a ‘hard’ landing and it took 2 inches off his height and he was never able to get it back, went from like 6’0 to 5’10

  19. i’m the same height. 5’11. i absolutely hate it. it makes me feel horrible about myself. and those models over there saying “noo noo its good to be tall, have some confidence.” well i find so much bs in that.

  20. I am 17 years old. Currently a senior. I tall 5 feet 9 inches and weight only 115 pounds. Everyone look at me like I’m a freaking tall tree. Any advice help me lose couple inches? about 3-4 inches? Any medicine can do that? Or something can get me shorter? I hate been tall, but my look make me feel little better. Still want to be short. ๐Ÿ™

  21. is there any possible LEGAL UN-HARMFUL way to become shorter, cause i hate being tall i cant wear heels and always bump my head into things.

  22. You’re all going about this wrong. Becoming insecure over a few inches. Have poise, confidence and be assured that you have the same right to look others in the eye.And eventually they’ll think more about what type of person you are then your body. And they won’t be able to forget your face after doing so.

  23. I am a 18 year old female and always get teased about my height. I hate how tall i am. I ama bout 5 foot 10 and wish i was shorter so i could wear heels and things. Please please help me

    • You guys should be really proud of your height! I’m 5’9 and I still wear heels…Being tall is an amazing feature which loads of girls would kill to have.

    • I really want to become shorter. Do you know any eating or excersises I can do in order to achieve it. Or if there are other ways I would like to know

  24. What about this drug ethinyloestradiol ? I heard it has helped people become shorter. I am a 6’1 woman and I want to be shorter too.

  25. Join a group for tall people and meet someone taller than you. Short of cutting off your legs you cannot decrease your height. P.S. I’m from Utah and have never seen so many tall women and men here…maybe a move is in your future?

    • I am 17 years old and i hate my height. i am 5’2.5″ or 5’3″ and i want to be 5’0″ or 5’1″. Is there anything i can do to change that?

  26. Hello, i am 12 years old and i am 5′ 5” and i am the tallest person in my class and i want to be shorter like everyone in my class. I would like to be 4’8 at least. the shortest girl in my class is 4’5′ and she has so many friends and she is so light weight and all the boys like to carry her like a little girl and all the boys call her their “little sister” everyone notices her and she is the most popular girl in school and has 4 boyfirneds i want to be more like here so do u have any ways to decrease your height?

  27. that is soooooo weird because i want to be short too!! and im 5″3 too!! wow..well we have something in commen..but i want to be like 5″0 or 5″1 sumthin like that! but have you found anything yet?..if so comment mee juss leave me a email at ok?..thank you i would really appreciate it!

  28. I had leg shortening.. Im now 4″0 even.. And Im a male.. Its not the best thing to do but I did leg shortening.. It works.. But trust me u become way to short… I cant even find a girl close to my height…

  29. Dude leg shortening??? You were a moron to do that.I’m 5’6 everybody in tha family says i’m atleaset 6 feet cuz there like 1’9, lol jkn, like 5’2 max.

  30. i am 5’4 and desparate to be shorter too but i keep hearing that there is no way to do this. Please contact me with what you find out.

    • i am 5ft 11″ and hate it is there any way i can become shorter without waiting years for the aging process to kick in? please helppppppppp

  31. I really want to know what I can do to become shorter.Are there any surgeries?please let me know.I am looking to be between 4-6 inches shorter.