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pain, pain go away


I have had Tailor’s bunions on both my right and left feet for about 10 years, both hereditary and due to prior athletic activities. Normally they do not bother me, but on occasion they prevent me from standing up for long periods of time. My real problem, though, is that the long bone from my little toe seems to have grown a sort of bone spur at it’s base close to my ankle (on both feet)-perhaps to compensate? I have noticed them grow over time without incident, but now my left foot has suddenly become significantly painful in this area making it difficult and painful to walk. This has been going on for awhile and the pain does not go away when I sit down, when I rub the area, and so on. Do you think this problem is due to the Tailor’s bunion(s), and if so, would I benefit from seeing a specialist or should I stick it out and wait a few months?