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Recurring granuloma


i have had a “recurring granuloma” on my right big toe for the past 3 years. I have had 8 surgeries where the Dr removed the granuloma (the wedge technique) and then cauterized the nail bed… after the nail would grow back the granuloma would grow under the nail again… Has anyone seen this problem before?? If so, what do you suggest i do? It hurts so much and it’s so hard to find shoes that fit. Please help me!


  1. I don’t think it was. I actually searched online and i found a similar picture of someone with it. It’s a pyogenic granuloma.. it’s like a pimple on the nail bed… i don’t understand why it keeps growing back.. what do you recommend i do? the nail has fully grown back and it hurts so much cus the “granuloma” is back…the nail is discolored..its black/brownish in color..also there is a small black dot on the middle of the nail internally which is very tender when u touch never looked like this before.. please help me. thank you

    • Without seeing it, of course I can not say anything for certain. One thought is to see if there is any underlying bone spur that might be causing the problem.A pyogenic granuloma or the common laypersons term- proud flesh is not uncommon. There are other things that can look like it. I still would recommend a specimen be sent to pathology.