Ingrown Toe Nail Treated, but never grew back

My boyfriend suffered with ingrown toe nails in both of his big toes from wearing shoes too small for his feet. Well, a local podiatrist simple cut them really far back into the nail bed and now the ends of the toes have grown up in front of where the nails should be able to grow out. His nails are really short and don’t seem to be growing very fast, but then again, they don’t have anywhere to go! How can I help him with this? Is there a way to push the skin on the end of his toe down so the nail can grow out, and if so, will the nail bed ever return to its original size?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am sorry, but this may be impossible. I would have to really take a look and see if you could push a wisp of cotton and Neosporin under the leading edge of the nail to try to guide it to grow over the skin edge.


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