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ruptured achilles tendon,a yr. ago


Hi my name is scott, i ruptured my left achilles on march 27 2002 i still have heel pain, my side of my foot is very sensitive to touch feels like electrical shock waves when i touch my skin. also i have absolutely no strength in my foot i still can not do a toe raise. when i try it almost seems like my foot is paralysed it also seems that my calf muscles are detariating,becoming a real nuisance, cant run,jump, or stand for long periods of time without pain in my heel, i have become flat footed in a sense just want to know if resurgery is going to be the best result for myself…

thankyou for your time scott prestier


  1. what is biomechanical exam. thanks for replying dr.could this be a possible serious problem how long can my calf continue to lose muscle tone. thankyou for your help

  2. You should see a podiatrist or orthopedist who treats your type of problem. I would want to see a MRI and do a biomechanical examination, among things before I tell you anything.To see is to know, not to see is to guess.

    • thanks for your time dr. could this turn into serious problems with me losing muscle tone and calf not functioning properly. thanks again doc.