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Severe Ankle Pain


I have had pain in my right ankle going on 4 months now.
I have seen the doctor 4 times, and a Physiatrist once.
They took an x-ray on my very first visit 3 months ago, and said there was a chip of bone.
When I saw the Physiatrist, she said that it looked like my ligament had started to calcify (on the x-ray).
In the last couple of days, my pain has quickly become so severe I can no longer walk on it.
I also can’t pull my shoes on, because of the pain.
I feel like I am not getting any answers from my doctor, and don’t know where to go from here.
They keep telling me it’s a sprain, and to use R.
Pain medication is not helping and neither is the ice and elevation.
I don’t think it is a sprain because I have never swelled and it isn’t getting better.
Please help me.