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Severe Back Pain (At Random Times)


Hello, My name is Shafraz Zain.
I am 19 years old. This morning I was getting ready to go to school.
When I was putting my shirt on, all of a sudden, my back started to hurt.
Its upper right side right next to the spine.
I slowly lowered myself to the bed to a prayer position.
I couldn’t move my back so my body was on the bed and my knees were on the ground.
I was in this position for about 12 minutes. Every time I tried to straighten my back, the pain was even worse.
I slowly willed myself to sit down on the bed but still could not straighten my back.
I was having a hard time breathing, for when I tried to take deep breaths I felt a really bad sting in my back where it hurt.
I stayed sitting down with my back arched forward and finally decided to get up.
I then could not turn to my right or left without pain.
The breathing was the same also, it hurt when I tried to take deep breaths.
I still have the pain and it is 8 o’clock at night.
This happened to me before like 3 times before.
It goes away though. But every couple of months or so, the pain comes back randomly.
I am worried because I run track and cross country for my college.
If you have any idea on what is wrong with me, please e-mail me.
Sorry to e-mail you but I could not find anything online. Again, it is not my spinal cord, It’s the muscle that to the right of the spinal cord on the middle upper right side of my back.
Thank you again. -Shafraz


  1. Dear Shafraz,I have had that pain before and have seen it many times before with my patients. You need to have your neck curve checked by a chiropractor. When the pain goes away it does not mean the problem is gone. The pain is telling you something is wrong. Please visit our website or call our toll free number for a free consultation. curvesolutionsusa . com. 877-602-7248.Kind regards,Dr. Anthony Gambale