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severe rib pain


i was picking up my daughter (20lbs) and hurt my rib.i experience horrible pain from time to time.cannot perform even the daily chores. dr ordered a bone scan which came out to be negative. do you have pointers as to what might be wrong?thanks


  1. this could be several things from nerve irritation, strained muscle in the back, sprung costals, best to go and see your physician in the first instance.

  2. It sounds like you may have sprained your rib. These really hurt especially with coughing/sneezing. I would see a chiro their treatments are quite helpful for this.

    • I have a friend who hurt herself getting into a boat about a month ago. She had some rib pain right after that. It was bearable pain though, so she just took some pain killers and when on her merry way. It has been a month now and she still gets the pain from time to time. I told her to see a doctor to get an x-ray. Is that odd for pain to stay around for over a month? What would you reccomend?

  3. Lower rib area and is moving up. Hurts to get up from couch,esp. when leaning to left for awhile. Feels like someone is punching me in the rib, left back while I am getting up. Hurts when I run into someone. No pain on the right side.

  4. I had a similar sounding injury resulting from a snowboarding accident last year. Had town a couple of intercostals, hurt like hell to breath and sit up while lying down. Dr prescribed some anti-inflamitaories that really helped.