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Shattered Heel (calcaneus)


I was in a car accident 7/9/04 in which I shattered my heel and ankle, broke my L5 vertebra and fractured a bone behind my eye. I was very fortunate I wasn’t paralyzed from the broken vertebra and won’t need back surgery. I will be wearing a back brace for 3-4 months. To my surprise, my heel is the most painful of my injuries at this time. I had surgery on my heel and ankle 7/26/04 in which a metal plate and screws were used to reconstruct my calcaneus. Recovery has been a painful process and I know I still have a long road ahead of me. My doctor said my recovery period would last from 12-24 months. I am trying to learn as much as I can right now about this type of injury and any tips on pain relief would be greatly appreciated. I would greatly appreciate any info about the recovery process and how this injury will affect me longterm from anyone w/knowledge or experience. Thanks, Chelsea


  1. I see the history of posts related to this injury. I just shattered my Calcaneous three weeks ago. Finally had surgey a week ago, a plate and 13 screws to put my heel bone back together. I hear and read the horro stories on how my heel will never be the same. No running, no long walks, no hill climbing……lots of pain! Are there any success stories out there? Anyone that has suffered from this injury living a normal life (ie, walking without assistance or without a lot of discomfort?)

  2. I just wondered if anyone was able to give you any further insight to the aftermath of this injury. I also shattered my heel Aug. 9, 2008. I am finally in physical therapy and it is a painfully, slow process. I was also given about a 2 year recovery time period for this injury. I cannot stand for any length of time yet on my foot and experience pain whenever I am on it. I wish I had some good tips to give you to alleviate the pain, I haven’t found anything as yet and my doctor long ago cut back on the strong pain meds I was given initially. Be interested in hearing how your injury is progressing. Good luck to you.

  3. i just had calcaneus surgery 4 days a ago they put a plate and 10 screws in my heel. i am in alot of pain the pain meds do not seem to help too much any suggestions on pain releif for this injury would be appreciated thank you

  4. I shattered the calcaneus last week. Surgery is scheduled for next week and I am scared about the pain and the recovery process. I am very active and was very lucky that I did not drop on my head but landed on my feet from a 4 1/2 foot drop…thus the shattered calcaneus.I am on pain meds now and not thinking clearly. I don’t have any advice to offer just looking for support and willing to give support.