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Sholder muscle


I have been living with a sholder problem for many years and have had it!
I think the initial injury was due to an overextension at work. I was of course subjected to the usual physical therepy that included massage with Quartizone cream. Well yes it felt better but as soon as the quartizone and therepy was over the condition returned each time it exerted the muscle. The muscle spasms just where the neck meets the sholder then go straight down the back about two inches. In this area it swells and pain sometimes extends to the top of my head causing a severe headache.
My question is: Is there some type of surgery that may correct this or is it possible that surgury would make the condition worse. Also: I have used pain killers etc, but like I said this is all a temporary fix. I want to have this fixed.
Thanks, Richard

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  1. nobody has replied in over 5 years, but if your willing to listen. When i had my ex rays of my chest done. The doctors told me to to learn againt the ex ray back with my chest and curl my sholder frontward into the wall. Try doing that and then pulling the sholders back. This will allow your chest muscle help support your back and neck

  2. Hello, 4 weeks ago i was snowbaording and i injured my sholder by landing on it from 15 feet up and pushing my arm too far up past my head. When i went to the doctors office i was told that i pulled the muscles and ligaments in my rotator cuff. Then 2 days ago i went snowboarding and while i was jumping i heard a ripping sound from my sholder followed by bad pain. I wanted to know if there was any kind of physical therapy i could do to help from this happening again. Thank you very much.