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shoulder/arm pain


The last few months, I have been experiencing pain in and around my right shoulder, and the blade area. It has eventually travelled down the right arm, and is quite painful in the soft tissue of the elbow region also.During the night, if I sleep on that side, I wake up with that arm numb and no feeling whatsoever in it. It seems to take forever to get the feeling back, and is a sharp pins and needles feeling. It has escalated to not having normal mobility of it through the day. Have a hard job doing up bra with right hand, anything like that etc.I also have the same trouble with my hips, and lower back region annoying me through the night, hence not much rested sleep takes place.Appreciate your opinion.

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  1. almost 12 months ago i fell and landed on my shoulder, I had pain there for many months, 3 months ago the pain got a lot worse, I have severe pain in my shoulder and down my arm into my hand, I sometimes have two tingling fingers. I have full movement of my arm,however it is very painful in most positions, like behind my back, to lift a cup of coffee or even to brush my hair. I can’t lie in my right side at all and wake many times through the night with pain. I don’t think it is a frozen shoulder because I have got movement, the pain is right inside the joint. I am seeing a Doctor on Monday but im worried because I think he will think it’s a frozen shoulder and just give me an injection. My arm is so painful at times even to touch, but I think this is referred pain.