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sprained ankle–HELP!!


I sprained my ankle a week ago.
I believe it is a Grade 1 sprain there was no swelling or discoloration at the time of injury, and I can walk on it with very little discomfort at this point.
It is still painful to rotate my ankle (by this i mean moving my toes from side to side with my heel remaining still).
I am still putting ice on it, but only twice a day at this point.
My question are: Should I still ice the ankle, or should I now apply heat? What kind of rehab should I be doing at this point?
Should I do some kind of strengthening exercises?
If so, what kind?
Should I take over-the-counter anti-inflammatories to speed up the healing process? How long should I wait to resume my normal activities (running, rock climbing)?
Should I tape my anle or wear a brace during sports, and if so, what type and for how long?THANK YOU!!!!!

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