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Stress fracture in foot?


Doc, I have some pain in my left foot.
It is in the top of my foot below the ankle and above my arch.
I suspect I have a stress fracture in one or more of my metatursal bones.
The foot hurts if I press on it, it hurts when I walk, and somtimes hurts when I have no weight on it.
The pain usually goes away during a run or something but returns when I am done.
Is this likely a stress fracture or something else?
What should I do for treatment?


  1. doc, I was on a canoe trip for 8 days and on the second day, while wearing sandals, was struck by the handle of a padal on the top of my left foot. It hit about 2 inches above the big toe on the bone that runs up the foot. I can walk fine but it hurts to move my big toe and the spot has been a little swollen for a week and a half now. About a minute after, there was a blue spot the size of a dime with a tiny red ring around it. I was just wondering if it’s fractured or just bruised. And plus I was hoping to start training for volleyball in a week or so. Good idea or bad idea? Your help and advice would be much appreciated. Sincerely, Patrick Whelan