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Stress fracture in my foot??


I have a stress fracture in my left foot. It is located in the ball of my left big toe. I don’t know what to do because it is not healing. I have been wearing a cast for 3 months. I know it just takes time, but I’m getting really impatient and I was wondering if there were in possible therapy that I could do to make it heal faster? Any suggestions??

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  1. i’ve had a stress fracture forever now, and i’ve seen two doctors. One says it’ll take 3 months and the other one says 6 weeks. So which one is right. It’s healed some but i still have some discomfort. I’ve also had one say i can still wear my shoe but don’t do anything that makes it hurt and the other one is making me wear this boot. So if you could please let me know if i have to wear this boot and how long do i have to wait for this to heal.

  2. Not really. I recently developed a stress fracture in my right foot and an knocked out of the soccer season for at least a month. While I know it is frustrating, aggravating the injury can cause further damage that will take more time (or in extreme cases surgery). The best advice is to simply wait until the pain stops, then gradually resume activity. I wish it were different as I am just as frustrated. PS: Additional Calcium can help.