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swimmer's elbow


I have recurring pain in my elbow-the inside from swimming and golfing. Warm weather is coming and I plan to do swimming again-I noticed the cho-pat elbow device goes above your elbow. Is there anything made that is waterproof to go right on or below your elbow?ThanksCathie

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  1. :The type of elbow braces I’ve seen go below the elbow. You’ll have to do some looking around to see if they are waterproof. The orthopedic dr. I work with like the elbow brace with the little inflated “pillow”. If your elbow keeps hurting you really should give it a rest. I have a great elbow rehab program if you truly have tendonitis, but it takes discipline to do and you need to hold off on anything that makes it hurt. You can e-mail me at If you keep aggrivating the situation I can pretty much bet that one day you will end up with surgery and then you will have no choice but to go through the rehab and stop all activity. Good luck