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tenderness/pain in arches and top of feet


Simply rubbing my arches in a gentle manner causes a very painful sensation. I feel that there is a lot of stress accumulated in my arches and now in the top area of my feet, “where the “foot turns into toes” i have pain and tenderness also. Are there any at home/ over the counter remedies for such pain?


  1. : My son has the same soreness on the top of his feet. He is very active in sports.. Just wondering if you got any good advice?

  2. Lately when I excercise or play ball, the arches in my right foot hurts; the pain lasting from one to 3 days. Overall this arch is sensative and is very hard compared to my other arch. Could you help me? Thanks,Ali

  3. : When I wake up each morning my feet feel like cement blocks. Now the top of my feet are very painful. The pain is from the ankle area to the toes on top of my feet. My ankles and toes hurt also. What is this?