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tendonitus vs. carputonal


I have a friend that is going through alot of pain in her arm right now and so my question is…. What is the difference between tendonitus and carpultonal?

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  1. For 6 weeks now l have had a burning in my wrist , It also is very difficult to move in the morning ,and feels locked . during the day l find lifting anything heavy is difficult , and hurts , ive seen a physio , and after one appoint have been given an appoit for an injection in the wrist ?I am also scared of the injection , Will it hurt when they do it ? as l have been told it will ? do they us anisthetic before the injection ? I have also had an x/ray no bones broken , how do they know what to do ? I used to have no feeling in my hand on and off for about a year , when l took a medication , called Clondine ? are these associated at all ? I would appreciate your comments thank you ,

  2. i just found out i have tendonitus and wonder what can be done for it someone told me that if the doc breaks my hand it will heal it is that true?

  3. : I have been going through alot of pain in her arm right now at night my arm sleeps more than I do because the pain wakes me up and I go and get the ice packs apply for 20 minutes and I sleep for a little bit and then I am up with the pain I go to bed every night with 3 ice packs and I ice my neck shoulder and right side of the back atleast 3x’s per day. I have been to the chiropractor 3x’s in 2 weeks and my md doctor put my on 50mg of Vioxx and nothing seems to be helping.Help?

  4. After hip replacement.. I have pain in the back of my thigh. Uncomfortable to sit. The doctor said the pain is from tendonitus and to use cold compresses. How long will this last? Is it common?