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torn shoulder muscle


hi, i am in intense pain from what I believe is a torn shoulder muscle.what is the best treatment for this so I can get through the day without pain as fast as possible?


  1. Happy Saturday! I need advice on whether or not I have torn a muscle in my shoulder. I fell down my staircase of 14 steps about 2 weeks ago and have been fine (besides bumps and bruises). Now, my left shoulder is killing me and at first I figured I slept on it wrong, but the pain is intensifying and becoming sharper by the day. I can’t move my head and my left arm kills me at even the slightest movement. I’ve decided to buy those heat wrap things at the store and perhaps an arm sling. HELP!!!! I’m dying here!!

  2. I torned my right rotator coff twice Now, I will wait for it to heal for at least 3 months. But my pain subsides after a while. If yours do not, better go see a M.D.

  3. Well…ice should help…you can use it every hour for 15-20 minutes. That should help control the pain. Are you able to raise your arm out to the side shoulder level and slowly lower it? If not, you may have a torn rotator cuff…that you should go see a doctor for pronto.