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torn trapezius


I have pulled my right trapezius. This injury is about one month old. What is the best way to get throught this injury. Should I use ice and or heat. Is a tens unit a good thing to use on it? Should I streatch the muscle? Please advise.Thank you in advance for your response.


  1. i had radical neck disection due to thyroid cancer my l/s sternalcliedomastoid and nerve were removed my trapezius is shrinking and painfull is this due to the surgery.when i horizontaly elevate my arm my shoulder blade looks abnormal.what exercieses do you recomand to build up my mussles.thank you

  2. I had a work injury in April of 2005. I felt a sharp pain in my left trapezius muscle. A half an hour later, I experienced a moderate burning sensation from the point of injury all the way across to the right trapezius muscle. I then filed an inury report. By the time I arrived home, two hours later, my neck and left side surrounding point of injury were in severe spasm. I then developed left shoulder and arm problems, mostly involving the avc joint area, the deltoid muscle, and the bicep muscle. Arm was weak and I also had random sharp pains and tingling throughout the arm and hand. An MRI showed bursitis and inflammation of the shoulder. Cortisone injections were not helpful. A year later, they finally did an MRI of my neck to find a C5-C6 buldging disc and a C6-C7 herniation. I underwent surgery with removal of the discs and a fusion. It has been two months shy of a year and I am still experiencing severe spasm in the left trapezius muscle which has started to extend to the right side as well. My question is, what are the chances that I could have had a tear in the trapezius muscle that, if left untreated surgically, has caused continued difficulty and a much delayed recovery time for this type of surgery? I have been in physical therapy for some time and cannot get past lifting 3 pounds repetitively without a pain level of 5-6 for days resulting. I am having another MRI of the left shoulder and have requested an extension of that MRI to include the entire left trapezius muscle area. My neck x-rays also show an area that has not fully healed, which is not uncommon. I have been told that with the synthetic material that was used, it can take 14 to 18 months to fuse completely. The surgery on the neck was done May 3, 2006.

    • After two posterior fusions at c-5,6 and c-6,7 I began having severe muscle spasms in my upper neck and shoulders. My trapezius had separated from the spine about six inches off the bone. I had to have a third posterior surgery to repair this and the surgeon had to sew three levels of my trap muscle. Extremely painful, but if not taken care of quickly he said it would have gotten to the point of not being able to repair it and I would have lost ability to hold my neck up completely. This is serious so if you have continued symptoms you should visit your surgeon asap.