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treatment for achilies tendon tear


Hi. I had surgery on my ankle in june of 03, I was non wieght baring for about 2 1/2 months..then went to partial, and full and so on. I started having swelling and pain after I got out of my walking boot. Now I am back in my boot and have found out that my tendon ruptured the day of surgery and I was unaware and has been slowly healing since june. My question for you is have you ever heard of an Osatron procedure used to speed up the healing process of the tendon? My surgery in june involved disconnecting my tendon to remove a bone behind it and then it was reattached and two bone anchors were set on both sides of my heel. Thank you for your time…Melissa


  1. I had a fall while getting down from a train at a station where there is no platform (15.05.2007). I felt acute pain in my left ankle and it was difficult to walk propely specially moving in the stairs.I immediately reported the injury to ortho surgeon at my place of residence at Bhubaneswar,India.Doctor diagnosed it as the total tear of achilies tendon in left ankle and adviced immediate surgery to connect the tendon. He also told that my rupture of tendon is also possibly due to effect of degeneration.As per doctors advice ,surgery was done (22.05.2007) in my left leg to augment and repair the tendon.After opening of plaster (total period of 6 weeks) I found a small wound over left heel at the site of incision which was not completely healed. I was adviced some exercises and told to walk with crutches without putting the operated leg on the ground.I continued this for 3 weeks . At the end of month of July I reported non healing of the wound , discharge of some blood coloured fluid from the ulcer was reported to him although there was no pain or other problem. He cleaned the wound and adviced some oral antibiotic.But after 2 months of opening of plaster this wound has not been healed completely. Doctor is now suggesting some plastic surgery to cover the area as the wound was failed to heal properly and there is possible exposure of my repaired tendon at this area. Due to this skin problem I cannot put on any shoes and also cannot contact any physiotherapist for faster recovery.what should i do? should i continue with dressing properly or go for plastic surgery as some portion of my wound has been healed.